5 Quick and Easy Ways to Level Up Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. There’s a lot of personal ownership that goes into a bedroom. So make sure your room gives you joy and reflects your personality with these 5 quick tips for taking your bedroom to the next level.

How to Get Started

You’ll need some basic supplies to get started. The good news is you’ll find most of these items around your house already! Some things you might need are…

  • Paint supplies (brushes, painters tape, tarps)
  • A hammer and nails (for hanging things)
  • A buddy to help you move heavy or large objects
  • A tape measure
  • A staple gun

1. A Quick Paint Job

Painting your whole room can be time consuming and difficult, but a small paint project can elevate your new space. Consider painting just one wall as an accent, or use some inexpensive stencils from a craft or hardware supply store to give your walls some extra flair.

2. Move the Furniture Around

Sometimes, just moving your furniture around can give the room a whole new feel! Really try and visualize your room without any furniture in it. Think of where the light comes in your room, what areas you’d like the most accessibility in, and what walls are the largest and get creative with where you choose to put your big furniture items like your bed or dresser.

3. Buy Some New Accent Pieces

It’s the little things that can change the entire personality of a room. Grabbing a new accent piece that’s unique or colorful can really add the pop of “wow” you’re looking for. Check the internet for inspiration, or go to a local secondhand store or antique shop to find a piece that really speaks to you. Some pieces that make amazing accents are an ornate mirror, a colorful lamp, or some eccentric shelf knick-knacks.

4. Give Your Current Stuff New Life

It’s normal to get bored of the same furniture you’ve had for a while but that doesn’t mean you need to go out and search for all new things. You can breathe new life into your items with some simple tricks. A classic revamp trick is to repaint your furniture. Give your wooden furniture a new stain, or take that old IKEA shelf and give it a fresh coat of something bright and fun, or subtle and understated. Have any upholstered furniture? Buy some fresh new fabric and with a simple staple gun you can reupholster your furniture and give it a whole new life.

5. From Top to Bottom

Installing all new flooring is expensive, difficult, and time-consuming, but your floor should not be ignored! A new area rug is a quick and simple touch that can tie your whole room together, from top to bottom.


Excited to get started giving your room a whole new feel? Tell us in the comments down below, and share this article to get your friends and family inspired to start a quick and easy room makeover!

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